February 11, 2008

Today In Beauty - Monday, Febuary 11th - 2008

Kerastase comes to town - You no longer have to leave town or go online to buy your favorite shampoo, conditioner and luxury treatments from lush hair-care company Kérastase.

Saturday Giveaway - Today's giveaway is the Kinerase Brintening Anti-Aging System. This prize includes a brightening, anti-aging serum containing a pearl extract, which instantly leaves the skin with a luminous finish, and the Concentrated Spot Treatment which is formulated with a highly concentrated brightening complex to target and improve the appearance of more prominent signs of discoloration and age spots.

Spending a fortune on skin care? - More than ever, expensive, high-end cleansers and creams are cutting into women's wallets. Lots of these products come with a heaping of hype — promising to rid your skin of blemishes, wrinkles and make you look "radiant." But does pricey always mean better? Real Simple magazine's Suzanne Rust tells us where we can save on our daily skin care regimen — and where it is actually worth it to splurge.

Kinerase Skin Products as Good as they Say? - It seems that just about every time you turn on the TV or open a magazine in this day and age there is a new skin treatment product advertisement there to greet you. Do any of them actually work and what is it that separates Kinerase skin care products from other skin care products of the past that always seemed to produce limited results if they produced any results at all?

The TRUE meaning of beauty - Dozens of skin creams promise miraculous results but what do they contain? Here's a guide to the scientific sounding names you read in the lists of ingredients - and what they are supposed to do...