February 25, 2008

Today In Fashion - Monday, Febuary 25th - 2008

Few fashion faux pas - The best word to describe the red-carpet fashion at the Academy Awards: red. The other buzzword? Safe.
Oscar Fashion Talk - Deputy Editor of the Sunday Source Suzanne D'Amato and washingtonpost.com Fashion and Beauty Editor Janet Bennett Kelly talked about Oscar fashion on Mon., Feb.
Christian Dior Turns the clock back to the 60's - 1960’s movie and style icons such as Jackie ‘O’, the model Verushka, Andy Warhol’s Baby Jane Holzer, “Mrs Robinson” of The Graduate fame, and Raquel Welch, were recreated on the catwalk in Paris today as Christian Dior turned the clock back to the 1960’s.
Dark socks and shorts are not OK - Men, it's one or the other -- dark socks or shorts. The two do not go together.
Fashion at The OSCARS - Red hot: Heidi Klum is gorgeous, not to mention smart, in a shawl-collar Galliano that had enough coverage for a 59-degree day. About the hot pink bag and earrings -- not sure she made it work. But we applaud the element of surprise.
Balmain at Paris Fashion Week - With its micro-minis, Sex Pistols’ tartans, sock-it-to-me glitz, cave-woman leathers and crystal-embroidered animal prints, the show had all the subtlety of a kick in the teeth with a pair of Dr Martens and could not have been further from the ethos of the founder of the house, Pierre Balmain, who believed in ‘elegance from simplicity’.
Very Little Tinsel in Town - But the Hollywood gods finally sent a lightning bolt down, and pow, the strike was settled. The 80th Academy Awards was saved. The red carpet, probably the most important fashion parade on Earth, was restored.
Winners and Losers at Oscar Fashion - Stormy weather could not stop Hollywood's stars from dazzling the Oscars red carpet on Sunday, where the celebratory red dress was as popular as ever.
Fashion Vs. Celebrity - People in fashion like to see more innovative looks. And, thanks to a crop of adventurous-dressing nominees and presenters including Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Nicole Kidman and Marion Cotillard, this year we got our way.
Milan Fashion Week: Prada and Ferragamo - the two houses planning IPOs this year both had their fashion shows. Prada's was fantastic. Ferragamo? Well, I wanted to like it. I really did. I like the C.E.O. Michele Norsa very much but ...
Latino Oscar Night Fashion - Yeah, yeah, if there were a bridge I probably would jump with everyone else, hence this Oscar fashion post.

Today In Entertainment - Monday, Febuary 25th - 2008

Scandal - Dr. Randy Dellosa, life coach and psychotherapist, zeroes in on a disturbing show biz phenomenon: controversial celebrities who seem addicted to fame … or, to be more accurate, infamy.
Ashton's Hep A Party - Ashton Kutcher's birthday party at the swank NYC club Socialista drew a big crowd of celebs -- including Demi Moore, Ivanka Trump and Bruce Willis. But city health officials worry that a bartender who contracted hepatitus A worked the night of the party and may have spread hepatitis A to the A-list patrons.
Celebrities Flock to UT-Memphis - Priscilla Presley was there. So were tennis stars Lindsay Davenport and James Blake. Catching a glimpse of Peyton Manning in his luxury suite was a little tougher.
Celebrity Mania - This question, posed on an ordinary day by a visiting speaker in a political communications classroom, sparked generous laughter among the students and professor.
Mahalo Covers Oscars Live (breaks the site)
The Oscars: A dark view - IT used to be that violence, even more than comedy, was the kiss of death for Oscar movies. Then came blood-saturated films like "Crash" and "The Departed," which overturned some of those rules.
Arthouse Studios win Big at the Oscars - Art-house studios Miramax Films and Paramount Vantage shared the corporate honors at the Academy Awards on Sunday with six wins each, thanks to their collaborations on high-profile winners "No Country For Old Men" and "There Will Be Blood."
Oscars Photogallery - a collection of images from Reuters.
Best Picture = Big Picture - It should be no surprise to learn that in Hollywood, at least, size matters. That maxim applies in several ways to influencing how winners are chosen in the Oscar best picture race.
Only one true original - Most years the contenders for the Best Film Oscar are surrounded by wild hyperbole. But this time all the movies nominated have been genuine critical successes - can they all be that good? Here, Rachel Cooke, sits through all the shortlisted films and finds herself at odds with our panel of experts.
La vie en Rose - "La Vie En Rose" star Marion Cotillard had a sweep similar to Helen MIrren's 2007 grand slam for her role in "The Queen."

Today In Home - Monday, Febuary 25th - 2008

BHG - New Furniture Trends - Twice a year in High Point, North Carolina, in the heart of furniture country USA, home furnishings manufacturers reveal their new collections to the world. Store buyers come to stock their inventories with the latest and greatest. And decorating editors like us investigate what's new and what's coming.

Laser Style - Lasers can give you 20/20 vision, inscribe letters on a keyboard and protect Princess Leia from storm troopers, but the fun doesn't stop there. They're also being used for every aspect of design, including fabrics and mirrors. Take a look at some laser-cut style for every room of the house.

February 21, 2008

Today In Beauty - Thursday, Febuary 21st - 2008

Extra Care for Nails During Winter - It's that time of year when cold winter winds and weather team up with indoor heating to take a toll on your skin and hair. But they can be equally drying to your nails, making them brittle and prone to breaking, splitting and peeling.
Low Maintenance Hot Locks - Flip through the pages of any high-gloss fashion magazine and you’ll see some great new cuts swinging from the heads of all the top models. But which styles are right for busy Modern Moms -- multi-tasking women who need their tresses to look fabulous in five minutes – or less? We took our hair questions to Maurice Dadoun, the Creative Director of Frederic Fekkai Melrose Place in Los Angeles.
EpiCenter Goes Green - San Francisco’s Epi Center MedSpa, the nation’s original medical spa, will be achieving another first with the opening of its eco-medspa, bringing nature and science together for a more naturally beautiful you – and more beautiful planet. The Epi Center MedSpa will open the doors to its LEED-certified medspa in April to commemorate both its 10th anniversary and Earth Day.
Dr. Jessica Wu: Three Steps to Beautifull Skin - What’s the biggest mistake most women make with their skin? They take the tough love approach. "We should baby our skin," says Dr. Jessica Wu, a Harvard-trained dermatologist, "not beat it into submission. You can’t scrub away acne, and all the home peels or microdermabrasion in the world won’t smooth out wrinkles." Being gentle, she firmly believes, is the best way to protect and preserve your skin.
We're Back! Salon Selectives - Chicago-based SBB plans to re-launch Salon Selectives and play on consumer awareness of the hair care brand to recapture its glory days of the 80s and 90s.
Cosmetic Companies Going Green - The "Go Green" craze is taking over the world. Cars, food, cleaning products and light bulbs are all part of the products that have been touched by the environmental frenzy.And now, your face can get in on the action.
Insight into the Anti-Aging & Beauty - Image and beauty are important themes in modern society. Many women feel that they do not conform to society's beauty blueprint. Around 20-30% of women have considered plastic surgery with take up rates low at roughly 3%. Almost three quarters (73%) of women responding to a Datamonitor survey cited body shape as a 'major concern'. Meanwhile, men are also taking more time over their appearance.
Shakira To Develop Beauty Line - The Barcelona-based beauty and fashion giant has signed Grammy-winning singer Shakira to a worldwide agreement to create a signature line of beauty products, including fragrances and other personal care products.
Moisturizing is Wise - Moisturizers creams, lotions, oils work by attracting and trapping moisture and oil in the skin, leaving it soft and supple. They remove the dull, ashen appearance of dry skin that many women of color are prone to. A good moisturizer will also serve as a barrier between your skin and the elements, such as harsh wind and pollution.

February 15, 2008

Today In Fashion - Friday, Febuary 15th - 2008

Thoughts on London Fashion Week - It should perhaps come as no great surprise that by the time London Fashion Week drew to a close yesterday the bucolic view of femininity which characterises the current spring season had given way to a rather darker mood for the forthcoming autumn.

Returning to London Fashion Week - Random highlights from London Fashion Week to date include antlers at Henry Holland, a leather helmet featuring a unicorn horn and a gold jumpsuit with its crotch somewhere round the ankles courtesy of a masked designer called Noki. And let us not, as if we could, forget the return to London after ten years of Dame Vivienne Westwood, the godmother of British fashion.

Project Runway Lead in to New York Fashion Week - After a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the designers head back to the workroom and proceed to do exactly what they would have done if they'd never left the building. Crazy Cousin Chris makes a costume-y dress and takes a nap. Itty-Bitty Christian whips out an impressive four-piece ensemble in the time it take Jillian to thread a needle, then walks around bugging everybody. Time-challenged Jillian is sewing and snipping until the last minute, but her stunning fitted jacket and sexy gold dress are worth the stress and sweat. Sweet P makes a pretty little dress that doesn't stand a chance, and Rami drapes something.

Front Lines of London Fashion Week - As London Fashion Week draws to a close, it's worthwhile to reflect on how much, if anything, has changed in the world of British fashion since last February when all the talk was less about zips, buckles, belts and pleats and more about eating disorders, dress sizes and BMI measurements.

Bright Tights at London Fashion Week - British designer Jasper Conran sent models sashaying down the catwalk on Monday in sculpted dresses set off with bright emerald, clementine and pink carnation tights.

Getting a rep for fashion - In addition to the other delights for which it is known – the sweets, the coffee, a history and culture always described as unique – Turkey is building a reputation for fashion.

Bright Citrus Colors for Spring - You can tickle yourself with fuchsia, sparkle in ocean blue, mellow out in lemon yellow or look chic in lime green.

Postscript: NY Fashion Week - Even as London Fashion Week comes to a close, the fashion world still is talking about what happened on the runways -- and behind the scenes -- at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Here are a few odds and ends to wrap up the New Black's coverage of the high-wattage event.

Today In Entertainment - Friday, Febuary 15th - 2008

Top Ten Zombie Movies - Eric Winkler describes his top ten zombie movies.
Definetly Maybe Mumm - Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin star in "Definitely, Maybe," in which a soon-to-be divorced Dad tells his daughter about the three girls he dated before he got married. But she has to guess which one turns out to be her mother.
Five movies that are new on DVD - Newsday reviews 5 new movies just released on DVD.
5 Movies that wont remind you your single - It's that time again. Everyone is sappy. Everyone is happy. And it seems that everyone but you has a date this weekend. Well, screw them! Right?
Three Movies that would make great video games - It seems like anytime they turn a movie into a video game, it’s a complete and total disaster. I sometimes wonder if it’s because they are using movies that are too mainstream. I definitely believe that the gaming industry is skipping over some great movies that would make great games.
Massive Attack curates London Arts Festival - Massive Attack, the Bristol band whose first album became one of the most influential British records of the 1990s, are set to follow in the footsteps of Jarvis Cocker, Patti Smith and David Bowie and curate the Meltdown festival at London's Southbank Centre this summer.
Celebrities Making Airport Announcements - You know those routine announcements at the airport that just blend into the fluorescent-lit background? They're about to become more distinct -- or at least that's what airports are hoping.
Celebrities back singer over Venezuela concert - More than 100 celebrities from the singer Shakira to soccer star David Beckham backed a Spanish pop star in a dispute with Venezuela after a concert was canceled following his criticism of President Hugo Chavez.
NBC Apologizes for Jane Fonda - Television network NBC apologized for itself and actress Jane Fonda on Thursday after she used an offensive word on the "Today Show."
MSNBC Reporter Suspended - MSNBC correspondent David Shuster will serve a two-week suspension for comments that angered the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.
Oscar telecast Full Spead Ahead - With the threat of picketing writers having passed, Oscar organizers on Thursday unveiled presenters and performers for their upcoming telecast.
Absolut Sponsoring Kanye West - Hip-hop star Kanye West has signed a sponsorship deal with Absolut 100 Vodka for his North American tour, which begins April 16 at Seattle's Key Arena.
The Last SPICE GIRLS tour? - Don't hold your breath waiting for the next Spice Girls reunion. Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, said a second outing "probably won't happen ever again." The quintet's Return of the Spice Girls World Tour wraps February 26 in Toronto.

February 14, 2008

Today In Entertainment - Thursday, Febuary 14th -2008

This Life and Times of Dusty Springfield - The drama in Springfield's life is evident, but "Forever" succeeds primarily as a straight-on musical revue, a tribute to the many hits from Springfield's all-too-brief career. Steered by music director Zachary Provost, who also helms the impressive onstage band, Smith delivered slam-dunk vocals despite obvious and persistent sound problems on opening night.

Bethoven Goes Mahlerian - Gustav Mahler’s orchestral transcription of Beethoven’s Opus 95 String Quartet suggests that inside every thin man is a fat one trying to get out. Such urges for physical change are usually practical ones; artistic advantage tends to be accidental.

Groundbreaking Software: Music on the net - NEW YORK: A team of international researchers have developed groundbreaking audio software that can help music lovers. The new Mpeg-7 specification will automatically extract and classify audio signals. According to the researchers, such metadata, as i t is called, can be used to tag audio files so they can be more accurately picked up by search engines equipped to handle this kind of information.

February 13, 2008

Today In Home and Garden - Wednesday, Febuary 13th - 2008

Annual Spring Home and Garden Show - HOUSTON, TX. – The Sixth Annual Spring Home & Garden Show is bringing in leading industry experts for interactive presentations and Q&A sessions to provide valuable home and garden advice to area homeowners. These top experts will be joined by over 200 exhibitors with the latest in home products and services on the market today.

LaSalle Furniture Design Award - The La Salle Furniture design award was formed as a result of collaboration between TAFE SA and South Australian commercial furniture manufacturer.

The Stockholm Furniture Fair - Since 2003, the Greenhouse has been an annual forum for design schools and other young designers to exhibit their work at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. The furniture fair itself is primarily a trade event, aimed at buyers and other industry insiders. However, in the last several years, there has been an increased focus on discovering new talent as well as creating momentum for Stockholm Design Week with events and exhibitions in town.

Furnitureseen.com adds Miami to List of Furniture Design Hot-Spots - The addition of the Miami market continues the company's commitment to becoming the best online resource for finding modern furniture at showrooms and studios in local markets. Furnitureseen.com does not sell modern furniture, rather it seeks to connect interior design professionals and consumers shopping online for modern furniture with likeminded retailers in their area.

Garden Becomes a Destination - As today’s homeowners re-evaluate their spending, chances are they may be reconsidering any luxurious vacation plans. This year the back yard is a destination, as homeowners just might prefer to create their own personal paradise and put the extravagant getaway on hold.

Today in Beauty - Wednesday, Febuary 15th - 2008

The State of the US Prestige Beauty Industry - “During challenging economic times in 2007, the prestige beauty industry managed to rise above the negatives, said Karen Grant, The NPD Group senior beauty industry analyst. Women and men are still willing to spend money on products that make them look and feel better. Looking ahead, we do see opportunities with products, like organic/natural products, which are resonating with beauty consumers of all ages. We have seen astronomical growth over the past few years with more natural brands and products hitting the marketplace and we expect to see this continue, said Grant.

L'Oreal Targets Malaysia Male Market - L'Oreal, which has a strong presence in the Malaysia beauty and cosmetics segment for women, is aggressively penetrating the men's market by launching sophisticated skincare and hair styling products.

Beauty Brands Target Facebook - Beauty brands are joining social networking websites like Facebook to spark discussions about their products, spread the word and bond with consumers.

Has the Beauty Industry Changed? - Sarah Stacey, beauty expert and co-author of the Beauty Bible series alongside Jo Fairley, says the biggest leap for the beauty industry in the last half century has been the explosion in the choice of cosmetics available.

Today In Fashion - Wednesday, Febuary 13th - 2008

Shipley & Halmos - New York Fashion Week - The former designers of Trovata debuted their first collection for Shipley & Palmos at New York Fashion Week, and I for one was impressed.

Fashion from the Runway to the Highway - A recent Wall Street Journal article connects New York's Fashion Week to Detroit and Bavarian automakers. Today, car companies are sponsoring Fashion Week and the hit reality show Project Runway. Although General Motors and BMW may be reaching for hipness with these fashion connections, the ties between the fashion industry and the automobile industry are nothing new.

Test Driving Fashion - When Net-a-Porter announced it planned to sell two styles from the Halston runway the day after the show, I thought it would be interesting to test drive the concept. After all, this was the first time, to my knowledge, that a look from a designer runway would be immediately available to consumers. The plan was for Net-a-Porter to have two shirt dress styles, in chocolate brown or teal blue, and a draped silk jersey shift with a low back. The Halston show was last Monday, and Net-a-Porter planned to go live with its sale within 24 hours of the show. I felt like Betty Crocker, testing a new concept.

Naomi Campbell for Kisa - Naomi Campbell surprised crowds at London fashion week yesterday by taking to the catwalk for Kisa’a autumn/winter 2008/9 collection.

Armand Basi / Nicole Farhi: London Fashion Week - There was not a hint of size zero as the Armand Basi collection took to the catwalk in the Banqueting Rooms at Whitehall, during London Fashion Week today.

London Fashion Week: 18 trends
- A peek at the hottest swag bags, the front-row attendees and the trends and gossip emerging from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week: Urban Architecture
- Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Gaudi and Norman Foster, the masters of urban architecture, put their own indirect stamp on London Fashion Week Tuesday with their influence on the newest creations from Basso and Brooke for the 2008 fall-winter collection.

New Citizen Cane of Fashion - SCOTLAND's golden boy of fashion, Christopher Kane, has scored a double hit – winning a huge ovation for his latest collection and receiving the backing of billionaire owner of Topshop, Sir Philip Green.

London Fashion Week: Hemlines Drop - If hemlines really do rise and fall along with the stock market, the economic forecast for next winter from the London fashion week catwalks is not encouraging. Christopher Kane and Marios Schwab, two of the hottest names in the British fashion industry, yesterday turned their backs on short, sexy dresses in favour of ankle-grazing hemlines and sombre shades of grey.

The Scoop on Sports and Style
- Admit it: You dropped that New Year's resolution to hit the gym daily. Fortunately for fashionable femmes fatales, fitness gear is taking nods from the runways and making it a little easier to stick with the program. Shape magazine senior fitness editor Jeanine Detz gives USA TODAY the scoop on what to sport when sweating it out in style.

February 12, 2008

Today In Fashion - Tuesday, Febuary 12th - 2008

Allen and Bextor enjoy Fashion Week - Singers Lily Allen and Sophie Ellis Bextor were among guests at the PPQ label's new collection launch.

PPQ are the hottest designers on the runway and certainly know how to party! - After a hugely applauded catwalk show which saw the likes of Daisy Lowe modelling and Lily Allen in the front row-PPQ's designers Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker decided to throw a bash to suit. The British artists are known for their outlandish, bold designs and their parties seem to personify their work.

Fashion trends for fall - Fall is months away, but the American wing of the fashion industry launched the season last week in New York.

Three models banned from fashion show in Madrid for being too thin - The week-long Cibeles show in Madrid, which started yesterday, bans models with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18, believing them to set an unhealthy ideal for teenage girls. The three models rejected by the organisers had a BMI of less than 16.

Trendsetters travel to London for Fashion Week, as the small gathering grows - Dublin-born designer Paul Costelloe kicked off the week on Sunday in white tents on the London Natural History Museum's front lawn, followed by science fiction-inspired, "New Generation" designer Jean-Pierre Braganza's show at the Royal Academy of Arts. London Fashion Week has quadrupled its content since the British Fashion Council started hosting the event in 1994, and this season marked a few firsts. British designer Vivienne Westwood is returning to London's shows for her first season in nine years, and Jaeger London, a 122-year-old luxury brand, made its first appearance Sunday.

Black models missing on the runway - 'What happened to all the black people on the runway?" asked the model Tyson Beckford, who attended several shows during New York Fashion Week. "There are no blacks on the cats."

Spanish fashion stores told to shape up after women undergo mass measurement - Scientists have confirmed what millions of women know already: the fashion industry does not make clothes to fit them. In the largest study of its kind Spain has taken full-body laser scans of more than 10,000 women and compared the resulting three-dimensional measurements with clothes on the high street.

Conran charms London fashion shows - Designer Jasper Conran sent models sashaying down the catwalk on Monday in sculpted dresses and bright emerald, clementine and carnation tights.

Bobbi Brown on spring make-up trends - The Times deputy fashion editor Carolyn Asome caught up with make-up artist Bobbi Brown in New York during fashion week. Here they talk about the coming look and what you need in your cosmetic bag this spring.

Today In Beauty - Tuesday, Febuary 12th - 2008

New Research on Belly Fat and Cellulite - Worldofhair.com introduces a new body wrap based on new research and discoveries about belly fat. It has been given so many names. Love handles, beer gut, pot belly. But it all it is just plain and simple belly fat and it is the most toxic! The number of people overweight in the United States has been increasing dramatically. Latest studies conducted by the American Department of Health concluded that an estimated 60% of adults are overweight or obese and this in turn leads to higher incidence of disease including but not limited to heart disease.

Spa Adds Age Defying Hair Care to Product Line - Travertine Spa, a leading lifestyle brand of spa products and yoga apparel, adds age defying Protein Shampoo and Protein Conditioner to its product line. Both are a part of Travertine's new Hair Therapy line and were previewed at the International SPA Association (ISPA) Expo and the NAACP Image Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge.

Blondes vs Brunettes: DCC Promotes TIGI Bed Head - The world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders traveled to New York City to promote TIGI Bed Head hair products for the campaign "Dumb Blondes vs. Brunette Goddesses - Who Does It Better?"

Lindsay Lohan: Back To Brown - There's just something about Lindsay Lohan. Even after her string of troubles, we're still rooting for the girl who broke out in Mean Girls.

I heart Essie's nail colours for Spring - They're simply so pretty and girly, and fit for a princess!

Today In Home and Garden - Tuesday, Febuary 12th - 2008

New Research on Belly Fat and Cellulite - Worldofhair.com introduces a new body wrap based on new research and discoveries about belly fat. It has been given so many names. Love handles, beer gut, pot belly. But it all it is just plain and simple belly fat and it is the most toxic! The number of people overweight in the United States has been increasing dramatically. Latest studies conducted by the American Department of Health concluded that an estimated 60% of adults are overweight or obese and this in turn leads to higher incidence of disease including but not limited to heart disease.

Spa Adds Age Defying Hair Care to Product Line - Travertine Spa, a leading lifestyle brand of spa products and yoga apparel, adds age defying Protein Shampoo and Protein Conditioner to its product line. Both are a part of Travertine's new Hair Therapy line and were previewed at the International SPA Association (ISPA) Expo and the NAACP Image Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge.

Blondes vs Brunettes: DCC Promotes TIGI Bed Head - The world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders traveled to New York City to promote TIGI Bed Head hair products for the campaign "Dumb Blondes vs. Brunette Goddesses - Who Does It Better?"

Lindsay Lohan: Back To Brown - There's just something about Lindsay Lohan. Even after her string of troubles, we're still rooting for the girl who broke out in Mean Girls.

I heart Essie's nail colours for Spring - They're simply so pretty and girly, and fit for a princess!

February 11, 2008

Today In Fashion - Monday, Febuary 11th - 2008

Sarah Brown launches Fashion Week - Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown has launched the UK's premiere fashion event, London Fashion Week.

Why does it matter where fashion designers show? - When it comes to twice-annual London Fashion Week, it's hard to keep up with who is showing their collection in the capital and who has decided to take theirs to New York, Milan or Paris.

de Lisi unveiled his Autumn/Winter 2008 collection at London Fashion Week - Sketching glamorous frocks for a new collection, casting models for a catwalk show and starring in a popular reality television series are all part of a day's work for American-born designer Ben de Lisi.

Fashion Week turns Serious - Serious and business-minded is in; frivolous and eccentric is out. That is the news from the catwalks at London fashion week, which began yesterday.

50 Fashion Questions you should ask yourself - Stumped by spring's new clothes? Fashion expert Mimi Spencer has set up wonderstuff.co.uk, a website dedicated to answering those conundrums of style that can keep a girl awake at night. Here, she explains what to buy and what not to wear this season.

Fashion police to tackle health and drugs on catwalk - The pouting models and stressed-out designers at London Fashion Week, which kicks off today with shows from Biba and Caroline Charles, will be joined by an unlikely group of people this season: suited consultants from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The Death Of Urban Fashion - As you might have heard G-Unit clothing has officially ended it’s partnership with Marc Ecko. 50 Cent will fully own the clothing line and have plans to re-launch in at a later time. But is this a clear sign of the death of urban fashion labels?

A discussion about Fashion Week - A discussion about Fashion Week with Roberta Myers, Editor-in-Chief of Elle magazine and Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle magazine.

Today In Beauty - Monday, Febuary 11th - 2008

Kerastase comes to town - You no longer have to leave town or go online to buy your favorite shampoo, conditioner and luxury treatments from lush hair-care company Kérastase.

Saturday Giveaway - Today's giveaway is the Kinerase Brintening Anti-Aging System. This prize includes a brightening, anti-aging serum containing a pearl extract, which instantly leaves the skin with a luminous finish, and the Concentrated Spot Treatment which is formulated with a highly concentrated brightening complex to target and improve the appearance of more prominent signs of discoloration and age spots.

Spending a fortune on skin care? - More than ever, expensive, high-end cleansers and creams are cutting into women's wallets. Lots of these products come with a heaping of hype — promising to rid your skin of blemishes, wrinkles and make you look "radiant." But does pricey always mean better? Real Simple magazine's Suzanne Rust tells us where we can save on our daily skin care regimen — and where it is actually worth it to splurge.

Kinerase Skin Products as Good as they Say? - It seems that just about every time you turn on the TV or open a magazine in this day and age there is a new skin treatment product advertisement there to greet you. Do any of them actually work and what is it that separates Kinerase skin care products from other skin care products of the past that always seemed to produce limited results if they produced any results at all?

The TRUE meaning of beauty - Dozens of skin creams promise miraculous results but what do they contain? Here's a guide to the scientific sounding names you read in the lists of ingredients - and what they are supposed to do...

February 8, 2008

Today in Skin Care - Friday, Febuary 8th - 2008

US Skin Market Still Has Potential - Despite lower spend attributable to worries over the US economy, market researchers say that the skin care category is still likely to show plenty of growth potential in the year ahead.

Anti-Aging Causes and Skin Care Treatment - Anti-aging skin care is a broad field based on reducing the visible effects of aging on the human body. In this introduction to the field, I cover the definition of anti-aging, the symptoms and the treatment of the skin in order to reduce the effects of ani-aging.

Hand Care Showdown - Find out which top hand hydrators our testers found desk drawer-worthy

Spring 2008 Chanel Color Collection - This spring collection very lovely but I must admit that have to be careful with certain colors from this because they may come off ashen on my brown skin - you can't please everyone right??

Lancome's Pixel Pink is Now Available - The fourth and final lipstick in the Pout-à-Porter designer lipstick series makes its hotly anticipated debut today on lancome-usa.com. Lancôme Color Fever Shine Lipstick in Pixel Pink is a beautiful sheer raspberry shade created by celebrated emerging designer Thakoon and celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman for Thakoon’s Spring 2008 show.

Beauty Blogs Come of Age: Swag, Please! - TWO years ago, when beauty bloggers called makeup companies to request free samples, many calls went unreturned.


February 7, 2008

Today In Entertainment - Thursday, Febuary 6th -2008

Jlo's Dad confirms twins - Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez might be staying mum about her impending birth - but her dad has no problem revealing everything about her pregnancy.

Alicia Keys back on top - ALICIA KEYS has stormed back to the top of the U.S. albums chart claiming the number one spot for a fourth non-consecutive week.

DEA checking into Ledger Prescriptions
- Heath Ledger's death was a tragic accident caused by a lethal overdose of prescription drugs. Now the feds want to know whether he got those medications legally.

Britney Released - E! News has confirmed the 26-year-old pop star was quietly released from the UCLA Medical Center Wednesday, a week after she was forcibly admitted and a week before she was scheduled to leave.

Angelina Jolie visits Iraq - ANGELIA JOLIE was in Baghdad Thursday as part of her continuing efforts as a U.N. goodwill ambassador, the Associated Press reports. The Oscar winner hopes to focus attention on the struggles that more than two million Iraqi refugees face as they gradually make their way back to their homes.

Kirsten Dunst in rehab - A source inside Cirque Lodge clinic in Utah confirms that the 'Spider-Man' star checked into the treatment facility this week.

February 6, 2008

Today in Home Decor - Wednesday, Febuary 6th, 2008

Tassels and decorative accessories for the home - After years of working in the home decor catalog business, partners Shelly Dozier-McKee and Deirdre Staab struck out on their own four years ago and created the Scarlet Tassel. Their Sandy Springs store is a mix of traditional and contemporary items, some not commonly found in most stores of the same ilk.

British Website offers furniture complete solution - British home decor website mydeco.com offers its customers to plan their rooms with 3D tools and buy directly from over 500 retailers.

Fort Richardson, AL (PRWEB) February 4, 2008 -- Recently-launched home and garden store www.CollectiveTreasures.net provides a variety of handsome objects to decorate the home and spice up the garden, but store owner Bianca Gordon wasn't satisfied just dealing with customers through her online shopping cart. To fix this lack of personal contact, she has opened up a brand-new blog at www.CollectiveTreasures.biz , giving her a venue to talk with her customers and share decorating tips.

A home decor magazine for regular folks - Amid the urbane, sophisticated excess of magazines such as Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, it's refreshing to find a shelter magazine aimed at regular people.

Show forecasts this year's trends in home decor - It might be a while before the rest of us catch a glimpse of the stuff. But in Cologne, Paris and Toronto this month, tastemakers are deciding the curve of our chairs, the colours on our walls and the look of our living rooms.

Get some stylish steel - Forget China and silver to do up your home. Get some stylish steel instead. Not only does it look unconventionally appealing, it is also low on maintenance and will not burn a big hole in your pocket! We fill you in on shining steel decor that is steadily hogging the limelight in homes nowadays.

Today in Fashion - Wednesday, Febuary 6th, 2008

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Top fashion designer Marc Jacobs' company is under investigation by New York's attorney general for possibly bribing an employee of a state armory to hold a fashion show there, the attorney general's office said on Wednesday.

NEW YORK (AFP) — American fashion designer Nanette Lepore on Wednesday presented her fall collection 2008 along with an appeal to save the garment industry which is faced with "extinction" due to rising development.

Queen West fashion industry takes a heavy hit
- After a decade of helping to define the look of fashion-forward scenesters on Queen Street West, one of Toronto’s most notable designers is closing shop. Next month, Annie Thompson will shutter her eponymous boutique, a Queen West mainstay since 1998.

New York Fashion Week - The most innovative thing to happen at New York fashion week, which ends Friday, had less to do with haute design than with a fast new way to get great clothes to customers who will wear them.

London out of Fashion - All the glitz, glamour and glossy models will be there when London Fashion Week opens this Sunday, but some of the biggest names in US retailing will not, thanks to "exorbitant" UK prices and financial gloom.

Fashion Week Trends Display Bold Colors - NEW YORK – As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hits midweek, the stars continue to show up – and so do the trends.

Bland is Banished -
The focus of the fall/winter 2008 season is primarily on colors. And this from a city where wearing any color as long as it is black has long been a mantra - at least for daytime clothes.