February 25, 2008

Today In Entertainment - Monday, Febuary 25th - 2008

Scandal - Dr. Randy Dellosa, life coach and psychotherapist, zeroes in on a disturbing show biz phenomenon: controversial celebrities who seem addicted to fame … or, to be more accurate, infamy.
Ashton's Hep A Party - Ashton Kutcher's birthday party at the swank NYC club Socialista drew a big crowd of celebs -- including Demi Moore, Ivanka Trump and Bruce Willis. But city health officials worry that a bartender who contracted hepatitus A worked the night of the party and may have spread hepatitis A to the A-list patrons.
Celebrities Flock to UT-Memphis - Priscilla Presley was there. So were tennis stars Lindsay Davenport and James Blake. Catching a glimpse of Peyton Manning in his luxury suite was a little tougher.
Celebrity Mania - This question, posed on an ordinary day by a visiting speaker in a political communications classroom, sparked generous laughter among the students and professor.
Mahalo Covers Oscars Live (breaks the site)
The Oscars: A dark view - IT used to be that violence, even more than comedy, was the kiss of death for Oscar movies. Then came blood-saturated films like "Crash" and "The Departed," which overturned some of those rules.
Arthouse Studios win Big at the Oscars - Art-house studios Miramax Films and Paramount Vantage shared the corporate honors at the Academy Awards on Sunday with six wins each, thanks to their collaborations on high-profile winners "No Country For Old Men" and "There Will Be Blood."
Oscars Photogallery - a collection of images from Reuters.
Best Picture = Big Picture - It should be no surprise to learn that in Hollywood, at least, size matters. That maxim applies in several ways to influencing how winners are chosen in the Oscar best picture race.
Only one true original - Most years the contenders for the Best Film Oscar are surrounded by wild hyperbole. But this time all the movies nominated have been genuine critical successes - can they all be that good? Here, Rachel Cooke, sits through all the shortlisted films and finds herself at odds with our panel of experts.
La vie en Rose - "La Vie En Rose" star Marion Cotillard had a sweep similar to Helen MIrren's 2007 grand slam for her role in "The Queen."