February 14, 2008

Today In Entertainment - Thursday, Febuary 14th -2008

This Life and Times of Dusty Springfield - The drama in Springfield's life is evident, but "Forever" succeeds primarily as a straight-on musical revue, a tribute to the many hits from Springfield's all-too-brief career. Steered by music director Zachary Provost, who also helms the impressive onstage band, Smith delivered slam-dunk vocals despite obvious and persistent sound problems on opening night.

Bethoven Goes Mahlerian - Gustav Mahler’s orchestral transcription of Beethoven’s Opus 95 String Quartet suggests that inside every thin man is a fat one trying to get out. Such urges for physical change are usually practical ones; artistic advantage tends to be accidental.

Groundbreaking Software: Music on the net - NEW YORK: A team of international researchers have developed groundbreaking audio software that can help music lovers. The new Mpeg-7 specification will automatically extract and classify audio signals. According to the researchers, such metadata, as i t is called, can be used to tag audio files so they can be more accurately picked up by search engines equipped to handle this kind of information.