February 15, 2008

Today In Fashion - Friday, Febuary 15th - 2008

Thoughts on London Fashion Week - It should perhaps come as no great surprise that by the time London Fashion Week drew to a close yesterday the bucolic view of femininity which characterises the current spring season had given way to a rather darker mood for the forthcoming autumn.

Returning to London Fashion Week - Random highlights from London Fashion Week to date include antlers at Henry Holland, a leather helmet featuring a unicorn horn and a gold jumpsuit with its crotch somewhere round the ankles courtesy of a masked designer called Noki. And let us not, as if we could, forget the return to London after ten years of Dame Vivienne Westwood, the godmother of British fashion.

Project Runway Lead in to New York Fashion Week - After a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the designers head back to the workroom and proceed to do exactly what they would have done if they'd never left the building. Crazy Cousin Chris makes a costume-y dress and takes a nap. Itty-Bitty Christian whips out an impressive four-piece ensemble in the time it take Jillian to thread a needle, then walks around bugging everybody. Time-challenged Jillian is sewing and snipping until the last minute, but her stunning fitted jacket and sexy gold dress are worth the stress and sweat. Sweet P makes a pretty little dress that doesn't stand a chance, and Rami drapes something.

Front Lines of London Fashion Week - As London Fashion Week draws to a close, it's worthwhile to reflect on how much, if anything, has changed in the world of British fashion since last February when all the talk was less about zips, buckles, belts and pleats and more about eating disorders, dress sizes and BMI measurements.

Bright Tights at London Fashion Week - British designer Jasper Conran sent models sashaying down the catwalk on Monday in sculpted dresses set off with bright emerald, clementine and pink carnation tights.

Getting a rep for fashion - In addition to the other delights for which it is known – the sweets, the coffee, a history and culture always described as unique – Turkey is building a reputation for fashion.

Bright Citrus Colors for Spring - You can tickle yourself with fuchsia, sparkle in ocean blue, mellow out in lemon yellow or look chic in lime green.

Postscript: NY Fashion Week - Even as London Fashion Week comes to a close, the fashion world still is talking about what happened on the runways -- and behind the scenes -- at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Here are a few odds and ends to wrap up the New Black's coverage of the high-wattage event.