February 12, 2008

Today In Fashion - Tuesday, Febuary 12th - 2008

Allen and Bextor enjoy Fashion Week - Singers Lily Allen and Sophie Ellis Bextor were among guests at the PPQ label's new collection launch.

PPQ are the hottest designers on the runway and certainly know how to party! - After a hugely applauded catwalk show which saw the likes of Daisy Lowe modelling and Lily Allen in the front row-PPQ's designers Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker decided to throw a bash to suit. The British artists are known for their outlandish, bold designs and their parties seem to personify their work.

Fashion trends for fall - Fall is months away, but the American wing of the fashion industry launched the season last week in New York.

Three models banned from fashion show in Madrid for being too thin - The week-long Cibeles show in Madrid, which started yesterday, bans models with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18, believing them to set an unhealthy ideal for teenage girls. The three models rejected by the organisers had a BMI of less than 16.

Trendsetters travel to London for Fashion Week, as the small gathering grows - Dublin-born designer Paul Costelloe kicked off the week on Sunday in white tents on the London Natural History Museum's front lawn, followed by science fiction-inspired, "New Generation" designer Jean-Pierre Braganza's show at the Royal Academy of Arts. London Fashion Week has quadrupled its content since the British Fashion Council started hosting the event in 1994, and this season marked a few firsts. British designer Vivienne Westwood is returning to London's shows for her first season in nine years, and Jaeger London, a 122-year-old luxury brand, made its first appearance Sunday.

Black models missing on the runway - 'What happened to all the black people on the runway?" asked the model Tyson Beckford, who attended several shows during New York Fashion Week. "There are no blacks on the cats."

Spanish fashion stores told to shape up after women undergo mass measurement - Scientists have confirmed what millions of women know already: the fashion industry does not make clothes to fit them. In the largest study of its kind Spain has taken full-body laser scans of more than 10,000 women and compared the resulting three-dimensional measurements with clothes on the high street.

Conran charms London fashion shows - Designer Jasper Conran sent models sashaying down the catwalk on Monday in sculpted dresses and bright emerald, clementine and carnation tights.

Bobbi Brown on spring make-up trends - The Times deputy fashion editor Carolyn Asome caught up with make-up artist Bobbi Brown in New York during fashion week. Here they talk about the coming look and what you need in your cosmetic bag this spring.