March 27, 2008

Today in Entertainment - Thursday, March 26th - 2008

Hollywood Celebrities Fuel Internet Addictions - An editorial in the current issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry brings up yet again, the idea that using the internet too much could very well be the latest addiction to hit The Boulevard of Broken Dreams since alcohol, gambling, narcotics, sex and celebrity flameout.

The Hottie and The Nottie (Worst Movie Ever Made) - THE release in the United States of Paris Hilton's The Hottie And The Nottie has revived the debate over the worst movie ever made. Because the film logged some of the worst receipts in history - $US250 ($273) per screen on opening weekend - there is a temptation to accord it the mythical status of such universally ridiculed films as Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes or Plan 9 From Outer Space, to welcome it into the dark, Bizarro World pantheon inhabited by phantasmagoric disasters such as Showgirls, Ishtar, Heaven's Gate, Battlefield Earth, The Postman and, most recently, Gigli and Swept Away.

Hallmark Channel has acquired the rights to 99 family-friendly movies from Disney-ABC Domestic Television, some of the greatest family films of all time. The deal was announced today by Michelle Vicary, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions and Scheduling.

It is Spring and the celebrities are in bloom - After my beloved Gossip Girl encounter, I wandered to the subway, only to stumble upon the red carpet premiere of 21. (Yes, it's a celebrity-palooza this evening!)

Top Ten Celebrities that Need a New Cause - America suffers from a collective case of do-gooder deafness: we have a hard time hearing a message when it’s delivered by a dorky academic or an unattractive activist. We’re all ears, though, when celebrities speak out about their pet causes, or their pets, or whatever.

Which Two Celebrities got sent Home on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ TV show - Last night on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ TV show, we got to see two celebrities go home with their dance partners. It was not to surprising to see Monica Seles get sent home. It wasn’t all that unexpected that Penn Jillette also got the boot. I thought that Penn Jillette might have made it with a fan vote, but it was fair that he got sent home.

Tracey Ullman's State of The Union - Tracey Ullman's State of the Union reflects a basic tenet of the star's adopted land: Keep it moving.

411's Countdown to WrestleMania 24 - While some celebs are there just to make a pay check, just to milk what little fame they have (A couple of beer hocking bimbos spring to mind), Celebrities At Wrestlemania aren't just there to leech off the fame. They helped create it. Because while we wrestling fans remember Steamboat beating Savage, Warrior retiring Savage, and Bret Hart losing to Owen, they didn't solely create the mythos. Hulk Hogan by himself did not make Wrestlemania what is it today. Neither did Vince, by himself. All those celebrities at first helped set the stage. They dragged WM into the spotlight, until it could stand on its own two feet. Then, when Wrestlemania began to falter, you could tell that things were bad since none showed up. But then, in their darkest hour, one celeb came in and helped turn the corner. And now, it seems they are back in command.