March 26, 2008

Today in Beauty - Wednesday, March 25th - 2008

Exotic Natural Hawaiian Skin Care Products - Hawaii has one of the most pleasant natural environments in the world. One would think that Hawaiians never have trouble with their skin. It is surprising then, to find out that they have a deep knowledge of skin care that goes back for centuries. Natural Elements has tapped into that well of experience to establish a line of skin care products made of real Hawaiian ingredients.
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Personal Care that Changes Color - This is not the subject of science fiction as some products are already available for purchase. An article on states that ColorClean has a soap out where the foam changes color to indicate when a set time have passed. The article also noted that Reveal Sciences has developed a technique, CareType Analyis, which help consumers determine their skin and hair type prior to purchasing products.

Mireral Make-Up - When it comes to foundation, women are going mad over mineral powder makeup. Loose or pressed, there's no shortage of products to pick from.

Makeup Looks for 2008 - by The Happy Housewife

Green products in all places
- Yes, you can seek out your local health food store and stroll past the pesticide-free apples and fruit, push past the bins of granola and boxes of rice milk in search of all-natural and organic deodorant and body wash, but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Must Have's For March
- Now as we all know as the seasons change so does our skin care and make-up regime. Spring is finally here, and the long awaited season of summer soon to come! So now is the time to prepare!